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Clean efficiency thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Meet the new Good Shepherd dishwasher!

It looks like a conveyor belt. Dirty dishes go in one end, and come out clean and steaming at the other end.

It will not win any beauty contests, but what it does is truly beautiful. It works fast enough that the volunteers who serve meals at Good Shepherd do not run out of clean dishes, even when they serve meals non-stop for two hours straight.

It’s environmentally friendly. If Good Shepherd served 1,300 meals each day on disposable dishes, we’d make a mountain of garbage.

It keeps meal guests safe. It’s hot enough to sterilize dishes, and it’s big enough to clean food storage bins. And it’s safe and easy to use — great for a place that relies on volunteers!

It was installed in August thanks to a wonderful grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It represents the latest in OTF’s support of Good Shepherd’s meal program. Previously, the Ontario Trillium Foundation provided funding to help purchase the trucks that pick up donations for the meal program.

Our grateful thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for helping to provide nutritious food for people in our community who struggle with homelessness and poverty.

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