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Easter…New Life…New Growth…New Possibilities

by Sister Joan Stafford,OSU, Pastoral Care, Good Shepherd Ministries

When I reflect on this wonderful time of the year possibilities seem endless:

– the frail delicate snow drop pushes its head through the cold, crusty earth, and blooms in the light and warmth of the Sun;
– the spring rains wash away the last vestiges of ice and snow giving room for the tender green shoots to burst forth;
– the sharp and bitter winds of March give way to the softer, gentler breezes of April days;
– the dark heavy clothing of winter is replaced by the lighter brighter shades of spring;
– the silence of the streets and parks erupts with the sounds of laughter, liberation, joy and celebration.

In the midst of this awakening in the natural world, the Christian Community celebrates Easter. We, at Good Shepherd Ministries, are in solidarity with the Christ who experienced poverty, homelessness, rejection, failure, kindness, hospitality, joy and compassion.

In the midst of his suffering he saw the beauty in his own life and in ours. He responded to that beauty and from the heart of his struggles he was able to open his arms on the Cross and embrace each one of us.

In that moment of great love Jesus experienced Easter…New Life, New Growth, New Possibilities and so do we!

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